What is Coaching?

Coaching is a series of confidential meetings focused on achieving your (the client) goals. As the client, you set the agenda while the coach holds space and asks questions so that you can gain insight and understanding.

Prior to starting a coaching relationship, an agreement between the client and coach is signed that lays out the ground rules and expectations of the relationship.

Coaching sessions are typically 1-hour in length and can be held over the phone, through video conferencing, or even in-person. Sessions typically follow this process:

  1. Connect – At the beginning of each session, we will take a few minutes to catch-up and connect. You are given an opportunity to share insights and progress you have made since our last coaching session.  If you do not complete your action items, that is okay, do not cancel your coaching session. Bring this to your coaching session and we will explore; it is usually something insightful and interesting.  
  2. Outcome – Since you are in charge of the coaching session, I will ask you what you want to focus on, work on, or explore. Then I will ask you what you want to take away from the conversation. These might seem like a strange questions, yet it helps focus and clarify our conversation, so you get what you want from the conversation. Previous clients have told me they want to get clarity around a topic, come up with a strategy for a particular situation or discuss a particular topic and see what comes out of it. Once we have clarity on the topic and what you want, we will move to the next step.
  3. Awareness – This part of the coaching session is where you talk about and explore your topic.  We may review pros and cons, or how your life might be different if you pursued what you want. We also might look at your topic from different perspectives. Throughout the session, I will ask questions, and, with your permission, I will share observations that may help you gain insights and shift your perspective. The goal of this step is to encourage discovery, gain insight, and shift your perspective.
  4. Course – About 5-10 minutes before the end of the session you will be offered an opportunity to come up with actionable steps to help you move toward your goal. I may ask you some questions about how you want to move forward based on what you discovered, so we can work together to ensure that you are clear on what you want to achieve and why it is important. We may discuss what you are going to commit to doing so you can move from ideas to results. We may also discuss how to carve time out of your schedule to work on your goal.
  5. Highlights – This final step is an opportunity for you to review the session and identify what insights or awareness you gained during our time together. We will also confirm our next coaching session.

During coaching sessions, the coach does not tell you what to do (mentoring), work on fixing your past (therapy), or diagnose and prescribe solutions to your problem (consulting).

Interested contact me at Sandy@SandraMenzies.com and I would be happy to answer any questions. No obligation!